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Briefly: Reflecting on Graduation

Last month I graduated from the University of San Diego with a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations.

I learned so much about myself and the world during my 4 years at university and I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to study in the United States as an international student from Nigeria. 

I was involved in student government, multicultural centers, organizations, and student clubs. I applied and got into opportunities that I had no prior experience in, marketed myself and my skills as much as I could, and never underestimated any position I found myself in. I worked all sorts of campus jobs as long as they were available to me, from food services to office jobs to athletics. 

As a Nigerian living in the United States, I found out how valuable and unique my perspective was and made it a point to be confident and proud of who I am, especially living in a time where uniqueness, individuality, and unconventionality are unpopular. 

I made so many connections and now have so many relationships with people from all over the planet, at different life stages, and with different life paths. I questioned my beliefs and value systems, examining what made me the way I am and embracing the fluidity of life. I learned so much about the powers of tenacity and grit and found that these things mixed with faith and praise make me unstoppable.

I would say that I evolved, and I will continue to embrace the ongoing, vague process of evolving.

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